Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Saint Teresa Open Catholic Seminary is fully committed to keeping the cost of a theological education as low as possible. Listed below is the current tuition for 2018-2019.

$50.00 – Application Fee
$50.00 – Technology Fee (Per Semester)

2018-2019 Tuition Schedule

Our cost per credit hour this academic year is $330.00 (e.g. $960.00 for a 3-credit course), which is far less than most Catholic seminaries throughout the United States. Seminarians from jurisdictions with Communion agreements with the OCC may qualify for $450.00 flat rate tuition per course. Students who would like to audit classes to gain access to the material without a grade may do so at the flat fee of $400.00/course.

STOCS is a non-accredited institution; therefore, our courses are ineligible for financial aid through government student aid programs.  Options for tuition may be available to our students through:

  • The sponsoring jurisdiction, bishop or congregation
  • Private student loan programs
  • Employer tuition reimbursement programs
  • Employer continuing education programs
  • Grants
  • Private pay through STOCS payment plan


Payment Plan Process

The first payment is due at the time when the plan is established. The payment will include the tuition and fees for the semester:

  • Technology fee ($50.00)
  • Administrative fee ($50.00)
  • 25% of the tuition due for registered classes

Subsequent payments will be due every 30 calendar days until balance is paid in full. If a student fails to pay without notifying administration, her/his course(s) may be dropped.

Example: 1 Course = $960.00

  • 1st Installment (Due Immediately): $50 (tech) + $50 (admin) + $240 (tuition) = $340
  • 30 days (2nd Installment): $240.00
  • 60 Days (3rd Installment): $240.00
  • 90 Days (4th Installment): $240.00

All STOCS students are eligible for a payment plan if they remain in good academic standing.

Payment plans are available for Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.

A request to be put on a payment plan can be emailed to